Friday, November 21, 2008

The Economy & Franchising


Two days of 400+ point losses on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and much of the media is wringing their hands.

I guess we'll have to think a little harder to develop a Thanksgiving Blessing.

But, as bad as it is, the report is that the market hasn't been this low since 2003!

While I hate to see my retirement fund shrink, I don't plan on retiring in the next five, or even ten years, so I'm optimistic that things will bounce back by the time I'm ready to start tapping my 401k.

I remember September 2001 when the markets were closed after 9/11 and things still went down. But, because of America's resilience, the Down Jones Industrial Average was up to $12,500 by September 2008 when we found ourselves frozen in the credit squeeze that started this all.

Those who bet on themselves will weather the current storm better than those who become dependent on Washington or Wall Street.

This further confirms my belief that franchising will be a strong segment of the economy for many decades to come.

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