Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Franchising's Future Around the Globe

I recently joined 50 other Franchise Executives at a dinner with Matt Shay, the newly appointed President of the International Franchise Association.

It was interesting (and reassuring) to hear his appraisal of the future of franchising. In addition to working with Washington to strengthen the industry in the US, Matt's been working around the globe to help companies expanding internationally. Naturally, many companies are hopeful about future expansion in India and China--two nations that, combined are the homes of over 21% of the world's population.

As for current US data, Shay said that the most recent count of franchisors that have registered in the major states for three consecutive years total about 1,250 companies. Combined, he estimated, they service about 800,000 operating units in everything from brakes to burgers.

Clearly, franchising works!

For details about some great opportunities in the US, check The Franchise Doctor's site.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Taxes, Franchising and You

Well, it's April 15th and many are fretting about their Income Taxes.

If you haven't heard about the growing debate in Washington about how to change our tax system, you should take the time to study the programs and see if you agree that a National Sales Tax is the best solution.

If Income Taxes are eliminated and all taxation is collected through a Sales Tax, those working in the underground economy or getting paid cash, will start being taxed when they spend their money.

Studies show that this program will cause more Americans to save, rather than spend, their money. This will keep interest rates low, as there will be a greater supply of money to lend.

Companies will no longer find it advantagious to move factories out of the US to avoid taxes and you won't be spending hours collecting data and paying fees to a tax preparer to comply with the tax code.

Most who have studied the proposed plan agree that the US economy would be the strongest in the world for years to come. If you're a franchisee, you'll share in the growth and the vibrant economy.

A Georgia Congressman, John Linder has been championing such a program for years. It's now gained recognition as The Fair Tax. To learn more check out the Fair Tax Organization's website.

A syndicated talk show host, Neal Boortz has been on board with this plan for several years. With the current administration evaluating new tax programs, it's time that you decide how you feel about such a plan and let your congressmen know. Check his ideas on the site.